Alternative Dispute Resolution  

Level 18 Barristers regularly accept instructions to act for parties in mediations and arbitrations and enjoy access to the Queensland Bar Dispute Resolution Centre, conveniently located at Level 5 Inns of Court.  With Inns of Court traditionally thought of as the ‘home of the Bar’, the Bar Dispute Resolution Centre offers a variety of room configurations, room sizes, break out room options  and IT capabilities, making this an ideal location to convene mediations, case appraisals, arbitrations and all forms of Alternative Dispute Resolution. In addition, Level 18 Inns has its own conference room available for use in Dispute Resolution Conferences.

M.D. Alexander
P.V. Ambrose QC (ANMS)
Dr J. Brasch QC
D.J. Campbell QC
J. McClymont

M.D. Alexander (FLA Reg 67B Arbitrator)
P.V. Ambrose QC
Dr J. Brasch QC (FLA Reg 67B Arbitrator)
D.J. Campbell QC